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Clint Sandercock

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Clint’s personality combined with a strong technical skill set alongside years of industry experience have allowed him to be a top quality fit in the role as Director of Business Development and Indigenous Relations for Keabray Energy and Absolute Heavy Duty Repair.


Clint is a natural listener and takes the time to understand peoples' needs and concerns.  These attributes allow him to truly hone in on the perspectives of both customers and community members alike.  He couples his own understanding with Keabray’s values in order to ensure that Keabray Energy and Absolute Heavy Duty provide best in-class service for its customers, while simultaneously ensuring that the communities we serve both indigenous and non-indigenous see that we deliver our services ethically and safely in their communities.  Clint ensures Keabray Energy and Absolute Heavy Duty Repair deliver these values while simultaneously ensuring we give back to our valued community partners.


Clint’s high quality of expertise is built around years of training and experience, which include:

  • Red Seal Journeyman Welder earned through Red Deer College over 15 years ago.

  • Over a decade of hands-on and in-the-shop welding and fabrication experience 

  • Class 3 Driver's License alongside Air Brake Certification and extensive driver education

  • Safety Certifications including H2S Alive, First Aid (including CPR), and WHMIS

  • Years of directly managing job quality and job safety controls management experience

  • Building and maintaining close connections with our regional indigenous elders and community members.


Clint will tell you that the most important part of his job is ensuring good ethics and safety measures are upheld.  To Clint, a job well done is only truly well done, when all aspects were underwritten and observed with appropriate safety measures.  These are coupled with ensuring that the communities we work in and with are respected and acknowledged.


Clint is a family man, so when he is not at work he is most often in the company and enjoyment of his family.  Clint’s interests include playing hockey, and he has a special place in his heart for rodeo, specifically, he competes in Team Roping competitions across North America.

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