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Transport and Hauling Services

Keabray Energy Partnership has diverse fleet combination of tractors and trailers.  We maintain a staff of competent and trained operators that contribute to a safer working environment for our customers. We work directly with our customers, tailoring our services to their exact needs.  We have been involved in oil and gas transportation and rig moving since 2001.  Our Trucking Fleet along with Keabray's experienced management and staff allow us to proudly provide a wider variety of services including:

  • Winch Tractor Services

  • Bed Tractor Services

  • Rig Moving and Support Services

  • Picker Truck Services

  • Hot Shot Services

  • Pilot Truck Services

  • Road Control and Flagging Services

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Hauling

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Hauling

  • Pipe Hauling

  • Mine Hauling

  • Camp Moving and Relocation

Winch Tractor Services

Our fleet of Winch Trucks can be deployed to load and unload all manner of equipment used in the energy and other resource extraction sectors.  We handle a variety of equipment winching needs including equipment, tanks, and containers.

Bed Truck and Rig Moving Services

Keabray is outfitted to provide heavy duty hauling services to satisfy our customers' Oversized and Super Duty transportation needs.  When it comes to rig moving, Keabray has over 20 years of experience in rig moving that allow us to transport components and provide a variety of supporting tasks.

Picker Truck Services

Keabray provides top tier Picker Trucks service to customers when they require expedient delivery and precise unloading on site.  Our Booms are also available for our customers' mobile materials hoisting needs. 

Hot Shot Services

When our customers require deliveries of goods and equipment that only need modest hauling capacity of a pick-up truck, Keabray will provide the best quality service in the industry.  

Pilot Truck Services, Road Control and Flagging Services

Keabray is equipped to provide in-house Pilot Trucks for a our oversized load jobs as well as offer these services to customers who need pilot trucks to support their own oversized load movements.  We are staffed and equipped to provide road control and flagging services for any situation in the industries Keabray does business in.

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