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Environmental Stewardship

Honoring Future Generations through Environmental Stewardship

At Keabray Energy Partnership we take pride in our environmental performance and are committed to protecting our environment. We believe it is the responsibility of every business regardless of size or scope to practice a high degree of environmental stewardship for generations to come. Our twenty year history of demonstrated environmental excellence proves our commitment to the environment. ​


Keabray offers a one stop shop for all environmental clean ups and spills, we will assess the situation discuss with environmental engineers, then put our plan into action. This includes, containing the spill or leak to prevent further damage, clean up and haul away of contaminated soils, repairing the leak (if a pipeline is involved), back fill of new clean soils, and re-testing for missed areas.

We understand the huge cost implications of environmental spills and how they must be handled to protect our most valuable asset, mother nature

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