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Shanea joined the team in May 2023, when her management expertise came along when Absolute Heavy Duty joined the Keabray family.  She is a lifelong member of the Drayton Valley community, and worked for many local businesses over the course of her professional life.


She began her time at Absolute Heavy Duty following a decade of being a heavy equipment operator for companies located in the Drayton Valley area.  When she joined Absolute she started out as a shop hand.  Her hard work and reliability was quickly noticed and she was upgraded to a parts runner.  It was not long after this she was moved into the office to begin her role in helping to manage the shop growing into its Parts Manager role.

Professionally, Shanea wants to continue to help grow Absolute’s customer base by providing the best customer service possible.  She wants to continue to hone her skills and abilities to help achieve this on an ongoing basis.  She envisions spending many more years with the Absolute and Keabray teams which offer her a stable environment in which to learn from and be part of a great team.  


Outside of work, Shanea enjoys spending most of her time with her family.  She enjoys outdoor pursuits including camping, fishing, hiking, powersports, and most especially loves hunting.  

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