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Bob joined the team in May 2023, when his management expertise came along when Absolute Heavy Duty joined the Keabray family.  Bob has been the Shop Manager at Absolute Heavy Duty for over ten years since its original inception.  He has been excited to stay on for the “new adventure” with it’s marriage to Keabray in 2023.

Bob's primary responsibility is the day-to-day operational management of the Absolute Heavy Duty Repair Shop.


Bob has a strong depth to his work experience with a career in wood products, trucking and heavy duty mechanical:  Bob spent several years with Weyerhauser Canada, in variety roles including inventory, parts, safety and supervisory.  He would also serve Weyerhauser as a spare driver for their trucks when called upon.  His Oil and Gas Service experience is largely thanks to working with Bob S Dow Trucking.  Both of these enterprises taught him a lot about mechanical troubleshooting, which led him to becoming a Manager with Absolute Heavy Duty.


Bob’s professional future is self-described as oriented towards being the top tier in customer relations.  Bob wants to spend the next few years prior to his retirement maintaining and growing his customer reputation as the best-in-class when it comes to service and customer attention.  

Bob’s has a knack for maintaining great relationships inside the business and outside of it, and he attributes a lot of this to astute time management and attention to the important details.


Outside of work, Bob enjoys time spent with his grandchildren, playing golf in the summer and curling in the winter.

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