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Alex joined Keabray Energy in early 2021. Alex prefers working with family owned businesses and Keabray Energy seemed to be the right fit for him.  Alex saw a values alignment between himself and Keabray Energy as well as opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Alex's primary duties are managing the service of both Keabray Energy's fleet alongside Absolute Heavy Duty's customer needs.


Prior to joining Keabray Energy, Alex worked in a heavy duty repairs shop and prior to that was an equipment operator and truck driver.  These previous roles presented him with an array of complex problem solving situations.  He has a passion for heavy duty mechanical, and in his favorite thing about the profession is the investigation of why a mechanical fault happens before performing the solution, and setting up a fix that prevents the fault from happening again.  It gives him great satisfaction to work through  mechanical issue and ultimately resolve it to bring a machine back to working life.   

His learning from and responses to his years of these problem solving experiences has equipped him well to supervise and advise a team of staff.


Professionally, Alex seeks to constantly improve his organizational skills, and continue to improve upon his abilities as a well-rounded manager within the organization. In his own words,  “Keabray has given me the opportunity to develop as a leader and they have the right environment for me to grow.”


Outside of work, Alex enjoys golf, hockey and traveling to different destinations around the world with his wife.  

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