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Danica Ekstrom

Danica Ekstrom is the co-founder of Keabray Energy. She is both Secretary and Treasurer for both the Keabray Energy and Absolute Heavy Duty Repair lines of business.  She oversees Office Administration and Finance as the full time Controller.  Her and her team take care of daily financial operations of Keabray Energy and Absolute Heavy Duty including management of accounts receivable, parts inventory records, processing of accounts payable as well as a variety of business administrative and office management duties.

Danica, is a loyal wife, loving mother, and was critical to laying Keabray's foundations in 2001, all while raising three young boys alongside Weston, who have since grown up to be strong and capable men.

Danica is motivated and self directed, with strong business administration skills, however she prefers to outside the limelight when managing the financial and business administrative needs of Keabray.

She enjoys nothing more then spending time with the people close to her both at work and at home.

Her interests include reading, camping, travelling, and simply the treasured time she gets to spend with her family.

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