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Sheldon Musiyowski

Sheldon joined Keabray Energy in 2019 and has been managing and dispatching Keabray’s on-the-road personnel to the highest standards ever since.  


Sheldon looked to Keabray Energy as a result of its locally owned and family operated nature.  Sheldon appreciates a business culture rooted in family values–a place where he can feel like he can have a stake and be treated like more than just a worker.  These shared values of Keabray and Sheldon coupled with the potential to grow-with-the-business.


Sheldon brought many years worth of experience and talents to Keabray when he joined the team.  HIs background prior to joining Keabray includes 16 years of Oilfield Rental and Transportation experience.  Prior to joining Keabray he spent over a year with a Energy Service company as Dispatcher and Sales Representative.  


Sheldon’s experience began from the ground up, and he says he is fortunate to have a lot of great industry mentors over the years that have helped guide him and forging his management skills.  This combination has led him to be a supremely effective manager of Keabray’s fleet of drivers on a day-to-day basis.  


When it comes to Sheldon's professional goals he says he is “not done yet”.  He is passionate about this industry and wants to continue to deepen his understanding of the facets of Keabray Energy’s business.  Sheldon recognizes that the transportation sector as a whole is facing increasing challenges both from a competitive perspective but also a regulatory perspective.  He knows he needs to be on his A game when it comes to both of these elements in order to keep Keabray and himself at the head of the pack in the Transportation business.  Sheldon’s desire to be an “A-Gamer” in the Transportation business has him seeking ways to diversify his knowledge and skill set, and so he is always looking for ways to learn and provide feedback from him day-to-day experiences to the Keabray Team.


Outside of work Sheldon volunteers his time as a groundskeeper at the Sports Park facility on the Board of Directors with the Drayton Valley Slo-Pitch Association, playing Slo-Pitch himself and exercising.  He loves the chance to spend time with his family and friends, whether its cards, camping or fishing trips.

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