Weston Ekstrom

As president of Keabray holdings, Weston oversees all aspects of operations. Weston has been involved in the oil and gas since 1996. His 20+ years of commitment to the industry began out on the pipeline right of way throwing skids, then quickly moved to the seat of a big rig with his class one license in 1997. 
Keabray was founded in 2001 with the motivation to do better. Weston had dreams of building and providing something for himself, his wife and 3 sons. His dedication to work hard and his unwavering commitment to his family values has built Keabray’s foundation with solidity, compassion and longevity. Weston has acquired a team of motivated, committed and hard working people.

Weston is a well connected husband, loving father and business man. He has spent countless hours volunteering with his sons. Whether it was 4H, coaching hockey or air cadets he was always actively involved. As such, his motivation to support his business is the same as it is an extension of his family. 

Weston recognizes the importance of people and relationships in all aspects. He believes great opportunities can be uncovered by encouraging connections between industries, skilled workers and communities looking for engagement in industry development.